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"Freeman captures an incredible story that provides sensitive insight into the wounds of our hearts and minds."

- Kevin Bright, Executive Producer and Director of Friends and Joey.


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The Wounds We Cannot See

Runtime: 59 minutes

Year: 2017

Genre: Documentary/Biography/Drama/Thriller/Crime

Writer, Producer and Director: Alexander Freeman

Directors of Photography: Brandon Golden, Jeffrey G. Rosenberg

Editors: Ryan Egan, Alexander Freeman

Music: Miro Kepinski

Cast: Nancy Ross, Douglas Ross, Lorenzo Guerra, Julie Crossman-Lovely

The Wounds We Cannot See tells the gripping story of former US Navy Airman Nancy Ross of Hingham, Massachusetts. Ross was violently raped during her service in 1988 and has since struggled with addiction and depression. She continues to battle Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a direct result of her attack and subsequent abusive relationships. While Nancy has undergone extensive therapy since her honorable discharge from the Navy she still suffers from addiction and lives in constant fear of the future.




















This film was made possible by a grant from

Music by Miro Kepinski is sponsored by the City of Mlawa, Poland


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